2015 Season Wrap-Up

Tallahassee Trailblazers' 2015 National Medalists:


USATF†National Jr.
Jahaz Morgan: †Pentathlon - 3rd / 80m hurdles - 7th

AAU CLUB National Championship
Niya Coleman: †Long Jump - 1st / 1500m - 3rd / 800m - 5th
Christopher Cotton: †Shot Put - 4th
Chase Gillespie: †4x100m Relay - 1st
Galen Johnson: †100m - 1st / 200m - 1st / 4x100m Relay - 1st
Jahaz Morgan: †80m Hurdles - 2nd / 4x100m Relay - 1st
Tonie Morgan: †Pentathlon - 1st / 80m Hurdles - 1st / High Jump - 2nd
Jasmine Raynor: †Shot Put - 8th
Angel Roberts: †60m Hurdles - 7th
Rajauhn Sancho: †4x100m Relay - 1st
Kayla Sapp: †3000m Racewalk - 4th

Trailblazersí 2015 Summer Track & Field Season Overview:
Trailblazersí coaches are extremely proud of the athletes this year. And we thank all of our coaches for their hard work, time and commitment to the program and to the athletes!

This was the Tallahassee Trailblazers 17th year of operation; and each year serves to be different and better in its own right. There were a total of 47 athletes this season - a very workable and comfortable number of athletes to serve. This was a different season for the track club in that we had three national competitions to attend - AAU Club Championship, USATF National Jr. Olympics and AAU National Jr. Olympics. It was very interesting and exciting.

Our athletes rose to the occasion in all three and we have soooo much to be proud of.

The overall team performed and competed extremely well throughout the regular season (being such a young and newer team at that) earning top-placed medals in just about every track & field category the team had athletes in. There were many, many proud moments for coaches, parents and most of all "the athletes!" The name "Trailblazers" was heard throughout meet competitions as our athletes' "Blazed the way....For others to follow!"

So as we close this 2015 track and field season with this banquet and team outing we hope we achieved the team's mission for its athletes: to improve self-esteem, self-discipline, and leadership skills among youth ages 7 to 18 through participation in the sport of track and field. And remember our motto "Blazing the way....For others to follow" should continually be your mantra at school, in extracurricular activities, among your peers and so forth! Going to Houston, TX next year for the AAU National Jr. Olympic Games.